Historical Drill Resources

Hardee’s 1862 (North Carolina) Editon PDF

Hardee’s 1862 Edition WEB


Modern Drill Resources:

Guards, Pickets, Camps and Marches – Silas Tackitt

Hardee’s 1861 Revised – Silas Tackitt

Top 10 Drill Reenactorisms – Silas Tackitt

The Worthless 2nd Sergeant – Silas Tackitt

Rest, Rest, Rest! – Silas Tackitt

Know Your Guide – Silas Tackitt

On The Right By File Into Line – Steve Giovanni


Various Resources:

Civil War Digest (Youtube Series)

Customs of Service (1864) – Kautz

Regulations for the Army of Confederate States (1864)

Commissary Cooking / Equipment – The Liberty Rifles

Generic Western Impression (Non 1st Stuff Redacted)

Civil War Laundress Impression


Other Living History Organizations

1st Tennessee Infantry, Company D

Independent Guard Battalion

Jeff Davis Rifles Battalion

Tennessee Valley Battalion

 1st Tennessee / Research Resources

Uniforms of the 1st Tennessee

1st Tennessee Re-Enacting Guidebook

Nashville Past and Present

Flags of the Rock City Guards – Devereaux Cannon Jr.

Maney’s 1st Tennessee – Unknown Source

History of Davidson County, TN –

Military Annals of Tennessee –

Chronicling America (Tennessee Newspapers)

Confederate Veteran Archives

Developing a 1st Person Impression – Chris Roberts

Cooking on Campaign – Jason Goodnite

Packing Knapsack / Bedroll – Jason Goodnite

Tennesseans in the Civil War – 1st Tennessee

History of the 1st Tennessee – Military Annals of Tennessee

Maney’s Brigade at Perryville – Confederate Veteran

Col. Hume Feild Obituary – Confederate Veteran

Brief History of the 1st Tennessee – Judge W. Pollard

Speech to the 1st Tennessee – Jefferson Davis

Flag of the 1st Tennessee at Perryville – Bailey P. Steele