Perryville Cleanup Day 2016: The Day I have Longed For

For 2016’s Park Day, we were unable to attend due to a schedule conflict. However, we were able to arrange a secondary date with the park to continue our efforts. Recently, the CWPT had acquired the “Upton Parcel”, which extended from the northern slope of Starkweather’s Hill to the north. This parcel has been very special to me personally as it is where the 1st Tennessee assaulted Bush’s Battery. This was one key feature to “completing” the story of the 1st at Perryville. When we arrived, we were able to make short order of the fencing around the Upton house itself. Chad asked us if we could continue to de-fence along the Whites Road (1300 ft total). By lunch time, we were all done to his amazement. He turned us loose on yet ANOTHER barn, just to the front of the house. As par for the course, it was felled and the ground was now clear for the 2016 event.

This ground was utilized in Saturday’s scenario, marking the first time since 1862 that men charged over this important piece of land.